Martial Arts And The Cultures Of The World

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Each country though out history has had its own form of self defense or un armed combat. Many times to find the original art you must go back hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. One problem that the researcher may come across is the influence of travelers into the country that bring in their respective form of defense aspects watering down the original art form. That is not to say that this is a bad thing, due to the fact that many arts did this in the past to improve upon a technique. or to implement one that did not excist to meet a current need that was plaguing the area of the country form evil doers and invaders.

While it may be a sign of our base culture as a whole, you can trace the progress of a country or a people by how efficiently they kill each other. I think this may be a sad commentary on man in general, but as a purely historical and educational standpoint is quite telling about each country and their development as a people.


Hargrave Martial Arts Real Self Defense

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Well many of you know the reason why Hargrave Martial Arts came in to being. Carter Hargrave the Chief Instructor wanted a school that taught only real martial arts. A school that had self defense for real people built to its core principles of reality and simplicity.
What good is a martial art if it doesn’t follow you well into old age. What good is a martial art that you cant use unless you spend time stretching out your legs before you can kick or punch without tearing muscles and injuring joints from kicking high and losts of spinning maneuvers.
A good art is one that you can use right then. Bad guy in your face, SMACK TIME. That is the way the martial arts were first designed to be utilized. It wasnt until the mid 1950’s that things changed all over in favor of flash and light contact point sparring.
First sparring has absolutely nothing in common or to do with a fight. They are not related. A fight looks nothing like sparring. The only thing sparring is good for is getting in shape, and it forces you to think on your feet while someone is trying to hit at you. So the stress that may or may not bring on will allow you to get some mental conditioning. But a figtht it is not.
You dont have to be in great shape to do real self defense, and somewhere someone must have said to somebody that martial arts were for kids and kids programs. Sorry I dont know where that one came from as most of my students are adults. The parents coming here have to ask what they want their kids to learn. Real nasty stuff for when the pervert tries to snatch them, or fun and games at the day care karate center.
I dont do the day care thing. I teach moves that will stay with kids until adulthood where they can still recall things to save themselves or someone they care about.
Like I said real karate for real people.
Carter Hargrave

Blogging Tips by Carter Hargrave

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The dream of every blogger is to have access to thousands of readers and subscribers. The following tips will help you achieve this dream.

If you want to get real traffic to your blog and market it the right way, then you will have to take a step out of your comfort zone and start guest blogging. Now, don’t confuse guest blogging with any random blog marketing technique; it’s actually one of the most powerful promotional tools that you’ll ever come across in the blogging world. Guest blogging is all about writing for other blogs in your niche as a, you’ve guessed it right – guest blogger. Try to write at least one guest post a week, which will help you create a strong impression on the readers of that blog. People will trust you more when they read your posts on a blog that they already trust. This also helps you strengthen your relationships with the other bloggers in your niche, which will be helpful to you in the long run. Guest blogging not only helps you get targeted traffic, but also gives you high quality back-links that you can count on.

Interaction with your readers is a must – there’s no other way around it. You should make time to reply to your readers comments. This certainly doesn’t mean that you should reply to each and every comment, but if somebody asks you a question in the comments section then make sure you give them an answer. By showing your readers you care in this way, it helps to build a good relationship with them. Readers love to interact with their favorite bloggers, so doing so will keep them coming back to your blog. By establishing a strong relationship with your readers, they become loyal and may start inviting others to your blog. So, make sure to interact with your readers when you can.

Coming up with a strong social media approach is highly recommended. Nowadays, you can’t just depend on search engine traffic to get readers to your blog – you have to embrace the social web in the best possible way, and see to it that you’re not ignoring anything major in this area. Twitter and Facebook social networks often go together so be sure to have both buttons presents. Social media is a proven way to get the visitors that your blog primarily targets. Writing a great blog is based on your approach and how well you can build your presence. Even wholly new bloggers need to be able to take big leaps and check out new territory–this helps you feel prepared for competition later on.

Carter Hargrave Instructing New Students In Jeet Kune Do And Kempo

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Carter Hargrave is the head instructor at Hargrave Martial Arts in Tulsa Oklahoma. The self defense accademy is a private school that teaches two arts out of the seven instructor black belt rankings Carter Hargrave has achieved. The first art is Kempo which translates into “Law of the fist.” The second art is Jeet Kune Do which translates into “Way of the intercepting fist.” The Kempo that is taught is Carter Hargrave’s own design and system American Combat Kempo a no holds barred combination of Ju Jitsu, Karate, and Weapons.

The Jeet Kune Do is the art made famous by martial arts icon Bruce Lee, and is his own design that is often referred to as scientific streetfighting.

Both systems are for defense only, and are geared toward ending any altercation very quickly. Both stystems are good for all ages and will carry with you as you grow older as there are no high flashy kicks, only realistic and effective.

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It has taken us a long time to get it just the way we wanted and now its finally online and looks pretty good.

Carter Hargrave launches new blog

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We now have another blog at
You can find it here

Carter Hargrave Oversee’s JKD Transition

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Carter Hargrave has overseen the transition this morning of The World Jeet Kune Do Federations new home on the internet The change is taking place to better match our associations name. The old domain had been permanently forwarded to our new site and we are very pleased with the results our webmasters have provided for us. This new website will accompany our many other sites such as, www,,, and our short name at
This is a great step in our campaign to provide original and authentic Jeet Kune Do education and to make our number one searched name even more accessable.