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David Carradine – An Under Appreciated Legend Passes

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We would be remiss if we did not say a few words about the death of martial artist and actor David Carradine. Carradine took on many of the roles that were originally meant for Bruce lee, so they will forever be intwined.

In the television series Kung Fu, Carradine played the part of a monk who dolled out his peace loving level of instant justice every week for us all to see. While he was not a martial artist at the time, he grew to love the arts and learned to make them part of his life that would forever change his career.

In more recent times he is best known for his part in Kill Bill one and two. The role made him famous to a new generation of movie goers and should have launched him into the “big leagues” as far as actors. But alas, as he said in his many interviews, he was not appreciated for his skills as a serious actor even though he had proved himself many times over.

He also left his mark on the arts in ways that will be revealed more and more in the up coming years. He was the martial artists martial artist. Quiet, dignified, skilled.

He will be missed and our thoughts and good wishes go out to his family.


We pay homage to bruce lee this month

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This month marks the anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death in 1973 due to a reaction to over the counter pain medication. His life has left his mark on us all as students of martial arts and on his philosophy of life. Some of you may have seen the unique production of “How Bruce Lee Changed the World” where various persons gave us an insight to what Lee meant to them and what influences he had on their lives. It is clear that his influence was indeed far reaching into aspects of life most of us could never have imagined.

May 2009 New Websites Launched

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Grandmaster Carter Hargrave has Launched two new Websites that offer more of an insight into the background of the Martial Arts Master.
In addition to the long standingpersonal website of Hargrave he now has uploaded new content to and
Unlike his other websites the new ones launched are not commercial in nature in that they do not offer martial arts services or training materials that are found on the World Jeet Kune Do Federation website or the World Kempo Association website

The new websites are more biographical in nature and let viewers in on the history and background as well as the more obvious accomlishments of being a Grandmaster and founder of a martial art style (American Combat Kempo) with roots that trace back to the Shaolin Temple in China, and the leader in instruction in the art of Jeet Kune Do having direct lineage back to Bruce Lee’s original school.

New Websites Coming

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We are putting the final touches on some new websites. for personal stuff

and some new business related websites for our productions.


Carter Hargrave is Alive and Well

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Some days are harder than others, and sometimes you just suprise the hell out of people that jack with you. I like being the suprise that they never saw coming.