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America Comes Together To Assist Tornado Victims

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The Midwest has witnessed some of the worst weather in over fifty years. The Tornados in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas have taken their toll on its residents and their families. The cost in property and the loss of life is devastating beyond most peoples capabilities to comprehend as the pictures do not do justice to the magnitude of destruction.

With all of the loss, and all of the sorrow the resilient American spirit prevails. They haven’t given up. Each and every day since the storm Americas people move forward with their lives trying to pick up the pieces as best they can, and in many instances there is just no place to put what is left of their former lives and belongings. The most basic of services that were taken for granted are now unavailable or in short supply. These sad events have touched almost everyone in the country in one way or another. It has touched my family with my wife’s high school being destroyed.

What is surprising is that the rescue and support efforts of charities is actually functioning as it should. The American Red Cross who has been absent or irrelevant in recent disasters such as Katrina and 911 were actually present to lend assistance instead of just taking donations to hand out years later after a public outcry and subsequent embarrassment.

Not only have charities risen to the occasion, but individual efforts, church support, and businesses across the country have taken it upon themselves to help out our fellow countrymen in a way that has not been seen in many years. Entertainers have donated concert tour proceeds to those in need, with one female country artist Taylor Swift donating from her tour over seven hundred thousand dollars.

In the face of great tragedy and heartbreak the American Spirit is alive and well. When one of our own is down and in need we are there to lend a hand to pick them up, even when they do not ask. I guess that is what makes our country great. When there is need in the world the United States is always there, and is usually the first one to help, and one hundred percent of the time we are the country that helps the most in every single worldwide catastrophe.

May God bless those who are suffering, and may God bless those who ease that suffering.


Finding An Ipad App For Printing That Actually Works

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I can’t believe it has been such a pain in 2011 to find an iPad printing app that actually does what it says…Print..
I have tried print magic hd, nope only prints from cut and paste text. Printer pro, no print. Heaven forbid if you want to print an email or webpage. Hp print, nope, only pics. So after hunting for hours I found the only one that actually works…drum’s called print and share. I paid nine bucks and it works. Has some other features I am still investigating, but this one is it. Hope this helps. Googling was worthless finding an app as Google results are becoming less relevant every day. Wish the Apple store had a way to get refunds on the worthless apps that we purchase and discard because they don’t work, or work as described. Well at least we found an app that does print.

The Many Countries Of Martial Arts

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Culture and religion have been understood to be the foundation of martial arts and the practice of the arts. The arts not only promote self discipline and self-defense or protection, but also a form of national pride during the early development periods. The techniques come from different origins for each culture or counties art. Each region or country has their own version of a martial art. Many of these arts beginnings were in the farm fields as the commoners were in need of a weaponless art for protection of family and livestock. However, in each art there is still the individual significance of the origin of each art to traditionalists and historian.

In historical significance, there are three cultural based martial arts that are popular all over the world. Each of this has contributed much to those mixed and those that have evolved and existed. Popularly Asian countries have the biggest part. These arts and or cultures are India, Korea and Japan. Sometimes Okinawa is grouped in with Japan as they have played a large role in Asian martial arts history

India Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts in India, in the pre-Gupta, there are multiple accounts of combat using various weapons as well as bare hands.
This was believed to be the start of the Indian Martial Arts. In this country there are varieties of style in combat mainly using sword and crossbow. In some regions, they use other weapons which are not known in other countries. In the Dravidian discipline they use flexible blades in combat. Since there are a lot of foreign visitors in this country, their styles were copied for what they found useful, and then improved to meet specific needs for the person developing the combat art. Of Course Yoga training

Korean Martial Arts

The more well known Korean martial arts are Hapkido, Kuk Sool, Tae Kwon Do, and Tang Soo Do. The korean martial arts practice has existed for more than two thousand years, even though Tae Kwon Do was formed in 1955 by General Choi Hi.. Some say that in the 1500s’ when Korea asked for military training from China, they were able to get influences from their fighting skills to incorporate into their own. It is questionable what aid they were given as the Chinese influences in these arts are not readily seen.

Japanese Martial Arts

The Japanese, call martial arts budo, bujutsu, or bugie. The english translation for these are still martial arts since the practice literally instill discipline and respect in this field. Culturally, this is a way of life too for Japanese. It encompasses the physical and spiritual mind, moral dimension, and personal growth. The Japanese way has multiple styles and systems , which are widely known throughout the country, many of which are passed down in hierarchal form to family members. The most famous or infamous of the historical martial arts of Japan, is found in the Samurai history. The art of the Samurai is Aiki Jitsu or Aiki Ju Jitsu.

By studying these three cultures, you can better understand how these arts have found their way into many other countries outside of Asia, and other cultures martial art forms.

Martial Arts And The Cultures Of The World

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Each country though out history has had its own form of self defense or un armed combat. Many times to find the original art you must go back hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. One problem that the researcher may come across is the influence of travelers into the country that bring in their respective form of defense aspects watering down the original art form. That is not to say that this is a bad thing, due to the fact that many arts did this in the past to improve upon a technique. or to implement one that did not excist to meet a current need that was plaguing the area of the country form evil doers and invaders.

While it may be a sign of our base culture as a whole, you can trace the progress of a country or a people by how efficiently they kill each other. I think this may be a sad commentary on man in general, but as a purely historical and educational standpoint is quite telling about each country and their development as a people.

Hargrave Martial Arts Real Self Defense

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Well many of you know the reason why Hargrave Martial Arts came in to being. Carter Hargrave the Chief Instructor wanted a school that taught only real martial arts. A school that had self defense for real people built to its core principles of reality and simplicity.
What good is a martial art if it doesn’t follow you well into old age. What good is a martial art that you cant use unless you spend time stretching out your legs before you can kick or punch without tearing muscles and injuring joints from kicking high and losts of spinning maneuvers.
A good art is one that you can use right then. Bad guy in your face, SMACK TIME. That is the way the martial arts were first designed to be utilized. It wasnt until the mid 1950’s that things changed all over in favor of flash and light contact point sparring.
First sparring has absolutely nothing in common or to do with a fight. They are not related. A fight looks nothing like sparring. The only thing sparring is good for is getting in shape, and it forces you to think on your feet while someone is trying to hit at you. So the stress that may or may not bring on will allow you to get some mental conditioning. But a figtht it is not.
You dont have to be in great shape to do real self defense, and somewhere someone must have said to somebody that martial arts were for kids and kids programs. Sorry I dont know where that one came from as most of my students are adults. The parents coming here have to ask what they want their kids to learn. Real nasty stuff for when the pervert tries to snatch them, or fun and games at the day care karate center.
I dont do the day care thing. I teach moves that will stay with kids until adulthood where they can still recall things to save themselves or someone they care about.
Like I said real karate for real people.
Carter Hargrave